Why You Should Attend

Keen to understand what you will get out of MEA 2016


Winning new clients is vital as is nurturing and wooing your existing clients. This year you and your team will benefit from sales focused sessions to help you win more business and increase existing business. You’ll also get insights into latest ideas, technology being used.


Building your business through MEA conferences isn’t about cocktail party sales pitches. It’s about learning how your prospective clients think, so you can help solve their problems. This is your big chance to get inside the head of PCO’s, producers, corporates and venues as they talk openly about the hot issues that matter to them.


As a business owner you need to know the latest best practise in business development, how to utilise the latest technology and nurture and build those important relationships. We’ve got that all covered, with some mind shifting sessions to inspire your next move as well as practical how to sessions for you and your team to boost growth.


As a PCO you need to not just be aware of trends but also ahead of the curve. This year will look at global and regional influence and what that means for your business locally. You’ll also benefit from having your team grow by attending the personal development sessions.


As always there will be plenty of opportunity to build existing relationships and also create new ones. We work in a people business and so keeping up to date with who’s doing what is vital as well as igniting those conversations that lead to new ideas and new business opportunities.